SC cancels a petition against The No Bio, No Boto Policy.

The Presidential Elections for 2016 are only 4 months away, and they’re some citizens who can’t vote yet. This is so because some citizens haven’t been registered in The No Bio, No Boto Policy which lasted from August 22, 2015 to October 31, 2015.

The No Bio No Boto Policy was held a few months, and it checks the biometrics of a citizen who wants to vote. Registration and being of legal age are only a few steps in requiring a Filipino citizen to vote, however, it doesn’t make them qualified voters. The No Bio, No Boto Policy checks the biometrics completes the process. Last November, the leftist group leaders asked the court to scrap the policy, and this enabled them the disable the Comelec on implementing it. A month later, the Supreme Court dismissed the petition. It was dismissed because it lacked merit, and the Comelec stated that they shouldn’t scrap the policy. The reason for this statement is because the policy is already part of the law of the Philippines.

The No Bio, No Boto Policy will proceed as planned, and anyone who doesn’t have any biometrics won’t vote.


-Noah Garcia


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