Travelling… Always a pleasure

Imagine living your life without a purpose. Imagine sitting in a closed room with literally nothing. Life is not supposed to be lived like that! Don’t you ever wonder how certain people come up with just the perfect way to live the ideal life ? The different dialects, their unique food, their religion, their mannerisms, and many more? Well, let me tell you this, I do! I once landed in Hong Kong. It was a sunny morning, and the breeze just made everything seem so calm. My relatives picked me up from the airport and they took me out for breakfast at an authentic Chinese restaurant that serves delectable ‘dimsum’. I have tried this Chinese breakfast before but never as palatable as these ones. They just melted in my mouth. The meat used was so fresh and they had just been steamed and served in bamboo baskets. I genuinely enjoyed myself. I wanted to know more about the country so I went on a tour all around the city. It taught me a lot about their culture, beliefs, and traditions all in one. The tour guide explained me each and every aspect of the country including their ways of living. They were very traditional yet they lived a very fast and metropolitan kind of life. Every one is so independent. People walking on the streets and all the hustle and bustle of the trains, cars and buses. It reminded me of New York. Similar yet very different. Very distinct from the other countries I have visited like Australia, Indonesia, Panama, Thailand and the Philippines. I loved the experience. I continued to explore during the next few days that I was there. This experience made me realize that travelling teaches us a lot. It actually is the best thing we can gift ourselves in life. Money, jewelry and other material comforts may give you temporary satisfaction but travelling enhances our knowledge, broadens our outlook towards life and mainly helps us make beautiful memories that will prove to be priceless in years to come. We will eventually share this with our family and friends and that is when you will realize the twinkle in our eyes every time we relate our stories. “Time is Precious, fill them with cherish-able memories.”


-Tamanna Mahibubani


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