Kansas Massacre

Kansas Massacre by Noah Garcia

In the Philippines, we celebrated the holiday of EDSA Revolution last Thursday, however, the same can’t be said in different parts of the world. In Kansas City, at the same day, a 38 year old man named Cedric Ford went on a massacre in the city.

The incident started when Ford moved in for his shift as a painter, and afterwards, he didn’t return from his break. He was then found in a residential area where he shot two vehicles, and he shot one of the passengers in one of them. He then went to an oncoming traffic where he shot a motorist and his vehicle. He then grabs a rifle and enters the back of the Excel Plant building and once he entered, he starts shooting people. Police Chief Doug Schroeder engaged Ford in a shootout, and the police chief finally executed him. This happened to be the last crime of Ford because he has committed several offenses such as burglary and fleeing from an officer.

This recent incident was just one of the deadly rampages that has happened in the United States since 2012.

Sources: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/768847/kansas-attack-latest-in-string-of-us-mass-shootings




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