Canyon Woods

Who has been to Canton woods? Or you do not know what it and were it is. Canyon Woods is a resort and residential home located at Tagaytay city. Let me tell you a little experience I had when I went to Canyon woods. The first time That I was going there is I was a bit curios . On the way going there the places you have to pass trough looks scary and terrifying because the road is at the side of the mountains near the cliff and on the way we saw a lot of informal settlers. After the long way of passing the scary road we saw the place so called Canyon Woods. The entrance looks deserted but I didn’t know the place was down a hill. When I first saw the place I was amazed and shock because the houses are like made of wood but cement so the place looks like a real cabin and it attracted me. We went to the to inquire in the club house and our family rented a cabin. Canyon woods has a lot of fun and exciting activities in the place like five swimming pools, jacuzzi, spa, game center, sports facility and a hotel. After getting a cabin we checked in ,dropped our bags and go enjoy with my cousins and family.The place is surrounded with trees and it feels like you are touched with nature when you are there. I was amazed and relax with all the fun and excitement in the wonderful place so called Canyon woods. The price may be expensive when you rent or have a membership but it is worth it. I wish to go back to that place and relax again.

-Jorge Javier


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