Expensive but Slow Internet


Right now, the Philippines suffers from having the slowest internet speed in Southeast Asia yet it is so expensive. It has been frustrating us, Filipinos, for so long, and even frustrated people such as Mar Roxas, a candidate for Presidential Elections this year. For example, it would take 2 hours just to completely load videos I watch every weekend, and their running time is only 22 minutes. But why is slow internet still so expensive.

According to Mary Grace Mirandilla-Santos, the Philippines lack any real competition for internet in the country. The country only has few big competitors such as Globe Telecom and PLDT, and the reason countries such as the US have high internet speeds because they have plenty of competing companies such as Verizon and Frontier. Another reason is that the Philippines lack interconnecting ISPS and this casts time, money, and quality.

Our slow internet is bad for not just casual people, but also business companies that do business online to advertise. Transactions are a lot easier to do online, but slow internet speeds cause plenty of delays and it impacts profits. These delays may last from five to seven days, and any wasted time costs tens thousands of money.

The government has been tackling this issue for some time, and one of the suggestions to do so is provided by Mar Roxas. He suggested that all telecommunication companies should remove the guaranteed minimum speed. This step may be crucial in tacking the Philippine’s slow internet problem.




-Noah Garcia



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