Panama: Beauty at its Best


Hola! Mi nombre es Tamanna, and I will be your tour guide for the day! Well ! Well ! Well! Today we are going to have an interesting day. Panama is beautiful and today I shall prove that to you. Hope you are all ready. Our first stop,is the “Panama Canal”. It is considered the eighth “wonder of the world”, because of its majestic sight. This canal connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Its beauty makes the environment of it surroundings supernatural. The air smells so pure, the surroundings are so tidy, the leaves of different shapes, sizes, and colors are flowing through the air and I would say, it looks like heaven. Next stop, is the “Best of the Caribbean: Bocas Del Toro” which is a beautiful beach. Families plan their vacation there. The amazing scenery of the water ,the sky and the nature was just so magical. Ships surrounded the harbor. People all around having a good time enjoying water sports  and kids building sandcastles. Unforgettable memories were created. Last but not the least, we have the “Casco Viejo, Panama.” It’s marvelous sight is one that you cannot miss! It is the historic district of Panama City. All the ancient buildings, the statues, each one with their history. It was built marvelously after the total destruction of the original Panama City in the year 1671.

casco-viejo-panama-city-tour1     bocas     panama-canal (1)

CASCO VIEJO                              BOCAS DEL TORO                              PANAMA CANAL

-Tamanna Mahibubani


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