Food and fashion can happen everywhere when I was traveling in India there were many food and different kinds of new things to try on so I tired on the curry chicken and it’s the famous food in that place because it was highly bought and famous. It would be good for people who likes spicy food because the curry chicken taste good with spice. In India there are many food that are manly known and tried by many people. Indian food are mostly spicy because it will taste more good and satisfying to the people and as known Indian people loves spicy food so in India it’s their fashion to have spicy food and it’s highly known and manly bought.
-Anisha Mayani

Canyon Woods

Who has been to Canton woods? Or you do not know what it and were it is. Canyon Woods is a resort and residential home located at Tagaytay city. Let me tell you a little experience I had when I went to Canyon woods. The first time That I was going there is I was a bit curios . On the way going there the places you have to pass trough looks scary and terrifying because the road is at the side of the mountains near the cliff and on the way we saw a lot of informal settlers. After the long way of passing the scary road we saw the place so called Canyon Woods. The entrance looks deserted but I didn’t know the place was down a hill. When I first saw the place I was amazed and shock because the houses are like made of wood but cement so the place looks like a real cabin and it attracted me. We went to the to inquire in the club house and our family rented a cabin. Canyon woods has a lot of fun and exciting activities in the place like five swimming pools, jacuzzi, spa, game center, sports facility and a hotel. After getting a cabin we checked in ,dropped our bags and go enjoy with my cousins and family.The place is surrounded with trees and it feels like you are touched with nature when you are there. I was amazed and relax with all the fun and excitement in the wonderful place so called Canyon woods. The price may be expensive when you rent or have a membership but it is worth it. I wish to go back to that place and relax again.

-Jorge Javier

Expensive but Slow Internet


Right now, the Philippines suffers from having the slowest internet speed in Southeast Asia yet it is so expensive. It has been frustrating us, Filipinos, for so long, and even frustrated people such as Mar Roxas, a candidate for Presidential Elections this year. For example, it would take 2 hours just to completely load videos I watch every weekend, and their running time is only 22 minutes. But why is slow internet still so expensive.

According to Mary Grace Mirandilla-Santos, the Philippines lack any real competition for internet in the country. The country only has few big competitors such as Globe Telecom and PLDT, and the reason countries such as the US have high internet speeds because they have plenty of competing companies such as Verizon and Frontier. Another reason is that the Philippines lack interconnecting ISPS and this casts time, money, and quality.

Our slow internet is bad for not just casual people, but also business companies that do business online to advertise. Transactions are a lot easier to do online, but slow internet speeds cause plenty of delays and it impacts profits. These delays may last from five to seven days, and any wasted time costs tens thousands of money.

The government has been tackling this issue for some time, and one of the suggestions to do so is provided by Mar Roxas. He suggested that all telecommunication companies should remove the guaranteed minimum speed. This step may be crucial in tacking the Philippine’s slow internet problem.

-Noah Garcia


Panama: Beauty at its Best


Hola! Mi nombre es Tamanna, and I will be your tour guide for the day! Well ! Well ! Well! Today we are going to have an interesting day. Panama is beautiful and today I shall prove that to you. Hope you are all ready. Our first stop,is the “Panama Canal”. It is considered the eighth “wonder of the world”, because of its majestic sight. This canal connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Its beauty makes the environment of it surroundings supernatural. The air smells so pure, the surroundings are so tidy, the leaves of different shapes, sizes, and colors are flowing through the air and I would say, it looks like heaven. Next stop, is the “Best of the Caribbean: Bocas Del Toro” which is a beautiful beach. Families plan their vacation there. The amazing scenery of the water ,the sky and the nature was just so magical. Ships surrounded the harbor. People all around having a good time enjoying water sports  and kids building sandcastles. Unforgettable memories were created. Last but not the least, we have the “Casco Viejo, Panama.” It’s marvelous sight is one that you cannot miss! It is the historic district of Panama City. All the ancient buildings, the statues, each one with their history. It was built marvelously after the total destruction of the original Panama City in the year 1671.

casco-viejo-panama-city-tour1     bocas     panama-canal (1)

CASCO VIEJO                              BOCAS DEL TORO                              PANAMA CANAL

-Tamanna Mahibubani

Fashion In Food

Food and fashion is the things I’m very interested and have experienced when I go to travel I Try many different food but sometimes if I see the way it looks and sometimes I’m also health conscious so I ask different question about the food in the place but when the food is popular in that place I would try it and when I go to other countries countries with my friends and family I try different things and buy new things I see around and travel the country that also includes fashion because I love looking at the countries culture and way of living or the things they use there are many things that food and fashion can be mixed up together and it’s every girls dream to travel the world and learn about the country.

Blue Leaf



Blue Leaf Filipinas Have you hear of the place Blue Leaf Filipinas? Well if not it is located at Belle Avenue, Parañaque city beside City of Dreams. At first you will say it is small, in the middle of nowhere and not so nice from the outside but when you go inside it is like paradise. When you enter the place you will see waterfalls and a garden. Its looks like nature once you see it but when you see inside the ballroom its is very beautiful inside. Your eyes will be amaze with how huge and big the venue is. It can be a good Wedding reservation place or you can put up a party in there with all the music and lights.

In my personal experience I like the place very peaceful, solemn and beautiful. A good place to have fun with friends and family.
-Jorge Javier

Travelling… Always a pleasure

Imagine living your life without a purpose. Imagine sitting in a closed room with literally nothing. Life is not supposed to be lived like that! Don’t you ever wonder how certain people come up with just the perfect way to live the ideal life ? The different dialects, their unique food, their religion, their mannerisms, and many more? Well, let me tell you this, I do! I once landed in Hong Kong. It was a sunny morning, and the breeze just made everything seem so calm. My relatives picked me up from the airport and they took me out for breakfast at an authentic Chinese restaurant that serves delectable ‘dimsum’. I have tried this Chinese breakfast before but never as palatable as these ones. They just melted in my mouth. The meat used was so fresh and they had just been steamed and served in bamboo baskets. I genuinely enjoyed myself. I wanted to know more about the country so I went on a tour all around the city. It taught me a lot about their culture, beliefs, and traditions all in one. The tour guide explained me each and every aspect of the country including their ways of living. They were very traditional yet they lived a very fast and metropolitan kind of life. Every one is so independent. People walking on the streets and all the hustle and bustle of the trains, cars and buses. It reminded me of New York. Similar yet very different. Very distinct from the other countries I have visited like Australia, Indonesia, Panama, Thailand and the Philippines. I loved the experience. I continued to explore during the next few days that I was there. This experience made me realize that travelling teaches us a lot. It actually is the best thing we can gift ourselves in life. Money, jewelry and other material comforts may give you temporary satisfaction but travelling enhances our knowledge, broadens our outlook towards life and mainly helps us make beautiful memories that will prove to be priceless in years to come. We will eventually share this with our family and friends and that is when you will realize the twinkle in our eyes every time we relate our stories. “Time is Precious, fill them with cherish-able memories.”


-Tamanna Mahibubani

Kansas Massacre

Kansas Massacre by Noah Garcia

In the Philippines, we celebrated the holiday of EDSA Revolution last Thursday, however, the same can’t be said in different parts of the world. In Kansas City, at the same day, a 38 year old man named Cedric Ford went on a massacre in the city.

The incident started when Ford moved in for his shift as a painter, and afterwards, he didn’t return from his break. He was then found in a residential area where he shot two vehicles, and he shot one of the passengers in one of them. He then went to an oncoming traffic where he shot a motorist and his vehicle. He then grabs a rifle and enters the back of the Excel Plant building and once he entered, he starts shooting people. Police Chief Doug Schroeder engaged Ford in a shootout, and the police chief finally executed him. This happened to be the last crime of Ford because he has committed several offenses such as burglary and fleeing from an officer.

This recent incident was just one of the deadly rampages that has happened in the United States since 2012.


Fashion Creates Art

Fashion is my favorite kind of art Fashion is something that everyone experienced and it will never fade away so fashion is always accomplished with women specially in this generation i love fashion too and there are many specific things in fashion like about clothes, shoes, make up and its all in this generation in my experience i love buying clothes, putting make up and into make up i dont dress up for anyone but me and for me to look good and appropriate in the specific place i love dressing up in wedding, debut, party’s and other big occasions that happens beauti happen when a girls gives effort and Dressing up shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.

-Anisha Mayani

SC cancels a petition against The No Bio, No Boto Policy.

The Presidential Elections for 2016 are only 4 months away, and they’re some citizens who can’t vote yet. This is so because some citizens haven’t been registered in The No Bio, No Boto Policy which lasted from August 22, 2015 to October 31, 2015.

The No Bio No Boto Policy was held a few months, and it checks the biometrics of a citizen who wants to vote. Registration and being of legal age are only a few steps in requiring a Filipino citizen to vote, however, it doesn’t make them qualified voters. The No Bio, No Boto Policy checks the biometrics completes the process. Last November, the leftist group leaders asked the court to scrap the policy, and this enabled them the disable the Comelec on implementing it. A month later, the Supreme Court dismissed the petition. It was dismissed because it lacked merit, and the Comelec stated that they shouldn’t scrap the policy. The reason for this statement is because the policy is already part of the law of the Philippines.

The No Bio, No Boto Policy will proceed as planned, and anyone who doesn’t have any biometrics won’t vote.


-Noah Garcia